How to join Sir Thomas Lunsford's Regiment of Foote

Joining us couldn't be easier!  If you have attended an event and decided what you would like to do within the society, or if you haven't and just fancy attending to see what happens, the process is the same.

Contact us (either by e-mailing [email protected] or by using the Contact Us tab) and we will let you know when the next event is and arrange for you to attend.  You will be sent directions in the form of a Warning Order, which contains all you need to know to get to the event, and details about camping etc.  We can arrange 'loan kit' for you, so you dress in the authentic clothes and have the right kind of kit.  A small fee is payable for a weekend membership, and also for laundry costs on the loan kit.  

No doubt there will be lots of questions before attending the first event, and we are a friendly bunch, who will help answer your queries.  It's very social once at the event, and people soon get to know each other.  

Once you have decided if it is for you, full membership will need to be paid (not currently available through the website) and you will be expected to provide you own clothes and shoes, although this can be done over time and loan kit can be used until this is achieved.  Advise can be given on what type of clothes and shoes should be worn, but they do need to be as authentic as possible.  Armour and weapons are provided unless you want to have your own!